Vamos aprender expressões em inglês com a palavra “heart”. Cada uma tem uma definição para lhe ajudar a entender seu significado. O aprendizado de expressões acontece pelo uso. Quanto mais prática, melhor.

Have a heart -> Be merciful

Eat your heart out -> We say this when we make someone jealous

In a heartbeat -> Very quickly without any hesitation

A heart of stone -> No feelings

Lose one’s heart to -> Fall in love

Heart and soul -> Completely; entirely

Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve -> Always let one’s feelings be known

Broken heart -> We say this when someone has lost love

Know by heart -> Memorize

Touch one’s heart -> Affect someone emotionally

In heart beat -> Immediately

Change of heart -> A change in one’s opinion

Follow your heart -> Rely on one’s deeper feelings and instincts when making a decision

From the bottom of one’s heart -> Sincerely and with deep feeling